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Schooner Liberty Clipper | Bahamas sailing vacations.

Where We Sail
On Deck
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Where We Sail in The Bahamas

The Liberty Clipper offers Windjammer Cruise sailing vacations to the Out Islands of the Bahamas from Late November to Early May. The principal islands that the ship will visit during your windjammer cruise may include Eleuthera Island, the Exumas, and smaller unnamed islands. We never know which islands we will visit as the Captain determines our ultimate course based upon the wind direction and any exciting events occurring in the area. Each of our Bahamas sailing cruises is unique and special in this aspect.

The Exumas

Clipper SunsetThe Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau, an exotic collection of tiny jewels set in the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water you have ever imagined. Great Exuma Island, together with the Exuma Cays offer an amazing variety of possibilities for all water sports. Hidden coves, bays, and harbors throughout are magnets for yachts and sport fishermen. Many of the unnamed beaches and coves of the islands, including extensive offshore reef areas, are included in the protected Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. Some of the islands on which there are permanent residents and resorts include Staniel Cay (home of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a fixture in the Exumas), Fowl Cay, Musha Cay and Iguana Cay.Thunderball Grotto, located just a few hundred yards off Staniel Cay, is one location where the James Bond film Thunderball was filmed. Sandy Cay, just a short boat ride from Little Exuma was the location used for filming the Pirates of the Caribbean beach scenes!

Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera, one of the Bahamas “Out Islands”, is 110 miles long, north to south, and just a few miles wide. It's endless white beaches, colonial villages and pineapple fields always charm visitors. The island faces the Atlantic Ocean on its east side, and the Great Bahama Bank on it west side. Eleuthera started as a coral reef, but unlike many of the islands, and even Florida, it’s terrain is quite hilly, with some hills as high as 100 feet. The shoreline varies from pink sand beaches to large coral outcroppings extending into aquamarine and azure waters. Eleuthera’s many beaches are considered among the best in the Bahamas. Today, Eleuthera is like an island lost in time, much less developed than Nassau, Freeport or the Abacos. Life moves at a slower pace here, with only 8,000 inhabitants, and a focus on vacationing.

Your sailing cruise will take you to a new town or new island each day after we've sailed the warm tropical waters. The Liberty Clipper will return to her berth on Nassau early Saturday morning at the completion of your cruise - if you're hooked, you can always extend and stay with us another week in paradise!

Liberty Clipper Accommodations

Your stay aboard the Windjammer Liberty Clipper will be comfortable and enjoyable. You'll notice the attention to detail and care with which the ship is maintained - this same level of care is offered to each of our guests. The Liberty Clipper was custom designed for Windjammer Cruising and specifically configured to maximize your comfort and enjoyment. While she is a modern-hulled steel vessel, she's been lovingly fitted out with lots of wood-work to provide a warm and traditional tall ship feel.

General Vessel Layout

The Tall Ship Liberty Clipper consists of three berthing areas for our guests.

  • Forward: Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available for guests.
  • Port Midship: Cabins 8, 10 and 12 are available for guests.
  • Starboard Midship: Cabins 7, 9, 11 and 15 are available for guests.

Liberty Clipper Layout Plan

The Cabins

Liberty Clipper features 12 guest cabins with accommodation for 24 total guests. Our cabins have been panelled in yellow-pine to provide a warm and rich feeling to our modern schooner. Each bunk is outfitted with comfortable pillows, linens, and blankets. We also provide both bath and beach towels.

Each cabin aboard the Liberty Clipper includes a vanity with a hot and cold running water sink. Many cabins have 110-volt outlets to charge your camera and other electrical devices. Each bunk also has a reading light; just imagine reading yourself to sleep, after a wonderful home cooked meal, to the sound of the water lapping gently at the hull...

You're sure to feel transported back to simpler days while on your sailing vacation cruise!

Cabin Sink


The individual cabins aboard Liberty Clipper do not have private bathrooms and showers. Aboard Liberty Clipper, bathroom and showers are shared. The ship features three showers and four bathrooms. Each berthing area on the ship has a bathroom and shower. They are cleaned throughout the day by our ships crew to keep them very clean. While many of our guests have asked before a cruise how it works, we have never had any difficulties with access to or timing of use of the facilities aboard the vessel. Trust us, it works!

While the Liberty Clipper is traditionally rigged, she also carries modern comforts and amenities. The ship carries almost 1,000 gallons of fresh water and has a water-maker aboard so that you can take hot-showers each day! This is our version of "roughing it smoothly." Each of the passenger areas (Forward, Port and Starboard) has a well-appointed bathroom (marine "head") with shower for your comfort.

The Grand Salon

The Grand Salon aboard Liberty Clipper is the central living and dining room of the ship. Meals are generally served in the Salon, however, some guests choose to eat on deck. We keep our ships bar set-up in the salon as well.

Salon Breakfast
Grand Salon 
Salon Dinner

Liberty Clipper On Deck

View From Aloft

The Tall Ship Liberty Clipper features a spacious open deck with lots of room to relax!  At 125-feet long, 118-feet tall and with a total beam (width) of 27-feet she's the stately flagship of the Liberty Fleet.  With just 24 guests and crew aboard, you can always find a quiet place to yourself; even if that's 100-feet up in the rigging...

Liberty Clipper Full Sail
Looking Aft
Vessel Line Drawing

The bow is always a favorite place to relax...

On our Bahamas Windjammer Cruises, you'll love hanging out on the bow of our ship!  At anchor, it's peaceful and scerene and while underway, it can be exhilerating; you might even glimpse dolphins dancing under the bows.

Enjoy the main deck...

Enjoy the Liberty Clipper, you'll be able to relax, have fun, stretch out, steer, or otherwise entertain yourself!

Enjoy the windjammer at night...

From the deck of our Windjammer Liberty Clipper, you'll be able to relax in the evenings, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and the wonderful company of your fellow guests.








Liberty Clipper Vessel Specifications

Sailing W US Flag

Liberty Clipper was launched in 1983 in Warren, Rhode Island at the Blount Marine Shipyard.  She was designed as a Gaff Topsail Schooner. The Liberty Clipper is a replica of the mid-19th century Baltimore Clippers famous for their fast passages round Cape Horn on their way to California and other Pacific Ports.

Ship Registry

United States of America

Vessel Rig

Gaff Rigger Topsail Schooner


Boston, MA (Summer); Nassau, Bahamas (Winter)

Length Overall


Length of Deck


Waterline Length



8-ft (board-up) / 14-ft (board-down)



Mast Height




Sail Area

4,300 square feet

Gross Registered Tonnage


Vessel Displacement


Auxiliary Power

Detroit 6-71




Douglass Fir




Douglass Fir

Crew Compliment

9 Near-Coastal / 12 Offshore


Charles Wittholz

Year Built



United States Coast Guard Passenger Vessel

Liberty Clipper Vessel Safety

The Liberty Windjammer Fleet offers the only US-Flag and US-Crewed tall ships offering windjammer cruises in the Bahamas and Caribbean.  Your safety is always our number one priority, so rest assured that the Schooner Liberty Clipper exceeds all required United States Coast Guard Safety and Crew Training Requirements.  The Liberty Fleet is a company founded by professional sailors.  The Company's owner is himself a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, holds an unlimited tonnage US Coast Guard license and understands and respects the unique demands of the sea upon both ships and crew.

Liberty Clipper Staffing:

A strong crew is always the most important aspect of any vessels safety program.  The Liberty Clipper's professional crew fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard and led by our captains who are all highly qualified professional mariners with a minimum of 720-days of sea-going experience on similarly sized vessels; this typically reflects 4-5 years of industry experience.  We also carry a licensed mate with a minimum of 360-days of sea-going experience on similarly sized vessels.

Safety Equipment:

Liberty Clipper is equipped with modern emergency communications equipment, emergency medical equipment and American Citizen crew-members who are trained in emergency response techniques.  Further, we have USCG inspected TYPE-1 Life Preservers, SOLAS approved Life-Rafts that are inspected and certified annually by the manufacturer, life-rings, a fully Coast Guard inspected fire-fighting system, and most importantly the training to effectively use this equipment.

What is the US Difference?

While all countries vessel registries have safety and inspection requirements, they are not all created equal.  Typically, European nations have a strong maritime tradition and maintain competitive safety standards with the United States.  Most non-US flag vessels, however, are registered under a “Flag of Convenience.”  Simply stated, this applies to those vessels under Panamanian, Monrovian, and other similar flags.  There are many reasons to register a ship under a foreign flag including: avoidance of taxes, avoidance of liability for injury, lower labor costs, and lack of inspection and safety oversight to save money.  Most developed nations maintain a watch-list for “flag of convenience vessels” visiting their territorial waters.

Below is a list of some basic safety requirements and inspection requirements, see how things compare.

Safety Requirement

United States

Flag of Convenience Testing

Safety Inspection

USCG Annually

Typically “owner performed”

Hull Inspection

USCG Bi-Annually

Typically “owner performed”

Rig Inspection

USCG Bi-Annually

Never or “owner performed”

Crew Licensing

Strict: Experience & Testing

Pay for a License

Training Requirements

USCG Monthly Training

Typically “owner performed”

Liberty Clipper proudly flies a US Flag at her mast-head.  We take great pride in maintaining our ship to the highest safety standards and invite you to come sailing with us.